Christmas is Coming

How to prepare for the holidays!

We are officially counting down the number of sleeps until Christmas! Keeping tiny hands off the tree and humming the tune of “Jingle Bells” all day long. Preparing for the holiday season is always busy but brings us so much JOY. 

In our family, the prep work for the holiday starts the day after Thanksgiving! Christmas everything- music, books, movies, cookies, decor, you name it! And yes, sometimes waiting that long to put the tree up is easier said than done. This is our first year with TWO littles in the house and it makes everything so much more magical. Carrying on old and starting new traditions with them has been so fun.

Making a list and checking it twice! Last year I wanted to do all the things for my oldest son’s first Christmas. I wanted everything to be as special and perfect as possible. All the decorating, baking, sending Christmas cards, seeing santa, buying and wrapping gifts- but I blinked and it was over! And he likely doesn’t remember any of it! So this year I plan to slow down and focus on spending quality time with my babies.

The perfect holiday season is about the little things- being all cuddled up in our Christmas pj’s and enjoying the cozy lights of the tree is all we need :)

Written by @samanthaafrederick

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