What Are You Planning For Your Baby’s Wardrobe?

The arrival of those little steps at your home fills it with bliss. Your mind gets occupied with the thoughts of their well-being. This cute addition to your life and home makes you start planning everything according to their needs, from baby-proofing your home to decorating a nursery for them. Every corner of that nursery gets dedicated to a particular purpose. From all these corners, you save one to have the little wardrobe that would have all the baby's essential clothing items.

Talking about the baby wardrobe essentials, have you already made a list of items that should find their place in that cute closet? No! It's alright, don't worry, we have got you covered. Here, we have gathered handpicked options for your little one to stay comfy, playful, and happy.

Toile Pajama 

Baby Toile Pajama

Let’s start with a vintage design for that cute little wardrobe. Toile is a popular printed french fabric. The French word toile translates to linen cloth in English and has been a popular choice among fashion designers. 

So, start your shopping with this cute toile pajama. The adorable blue color print on Pima cotton material is undoubtedly a must-have. Cotton is the softest and the most comfortable fabric and is one of the best options for your baby. We know their comfort is your priority. There is no doubt that this toile pajama is at the top of the list. So, Let your little one enjoy playtime, and a good night-time sleep in this comfy soft pajama.  

Footie Sailboat

Footie Sailboat

The next thing you need for your baby is a footie pajama. Why? Why not! A peter pan collared smocked footie pajama with cutesy little sailboats is a perfect choice for your baby. This footie is made from the finest Pima cotton, which is known for its durability and comfort. It provides good coverage to let your baby enjoy the outdoors. For your convenience, it has a snap leg closure and buttons at the back of the footie, letting you change the dress easily and quickly.  

Princess Onesie

Princess Onesie

A snuggly soft bubble onesie is the perfect solution for your little princess to beat that scorching heat in hot summers. This onesie provides your tiny tot with a luxuriously soft touch. A comfortable Pima cotton onesie is a wardrobe essential for your sweet little princess. The beautiful ruffle neck with delicate floral embroidery around the neck adds a cute feminine element to the onesie. Dinky short sleeves with buttons at the back and snap closure near the thigh make changing onesies convenient. Add splendor to that little wardrobe with this tiny princess onesie for your lovely daughter.

Feeding Bib Elephant Girl

Feeding Bib Elephant Girl

That little wardrobe is not just a place for cute little clothes for your baby; it’s a utility that has everything your baby needs. So, apart from those comfy pretty dresses, you also need many other things. For example, let's talk about feeding bibs, especially for bottle-feeding babies; feeding bibs are essential to keep them dry and their dress clean from food stains. Bibs are one of the indispensable items you need for your baby, and as a parent, you should consider buying some bibs in advance for your baby.

And just because it is not a dress, it doesn’t mean that bibs have to look dull. Everything that goes into that little closet should look adorable, and most importantly, it should be made of baby-friendly material.  Plus, as it provides good coverage, you can surely go carefree with it while feeding your baby.

What Else Should Go In That Little Closet?

Let us help you with this question. Obviously, clothes aren’t the only thing that your baby would need. So, the other things that must go in there are blankets, bandanas, burp clothes, crib sheets, hats, sacks, etc., and do you know where you’ll get all these things in just a click?

Nella Pima- a store where you’ll find an extensive collection of baby clothing items made from Peruvian Pima Cotton for your little one in just one click. So, visit the store and fill your baby’s wardrobe with care and comfort. Happy shopping!    

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