What is the Best Going Home Outfit for a Baby?

Preparing to leave the hospital and taking your baby home is the most surreal feeling you could have as a parent. Unpacking babies’ home outfits is a treasure forever. Baby going home outfits are a celebration of new life and the feeling of motherhood. The baby, until now, has undoubtedly been wearing simple hospital-issued apparel, and dressing them in that first meticulously chosen outfit becomes a priority task. A moment that becomes a milestone for the parents, with family members also understanding that the first few days in the hospital constitute the entrance to real life. Entering the new world, a baby’s first outfit will be remembered forever.

Baby’s going home outfit ideas - An independent yet important decision

A long-sleeve footed pajama or a layette set, choosing an outfit for welcoming the baby home nowadays has become much more of an independent decision. From onesies in the summer to baby footies and hats in the winter, there’s no right or wrong with the outfit unless and until it is appropriate for the weather and provides utmost comfort. The trend of baby going home outfits is an important tradition, and being a fairly modern one, it should be based on what the parents feel is the best fit, considering the baby’s comfort and their family’s style. But with everything that new parents go through, getting a baby dressed is a major accomplishment. Therefore, here are a few adorable picks for the best baby-going-home outfits. 

Milano Footies

milano infant

Milano footie is our classic going-home outfit for the baby made from extra soft and 100% jacquard pima cotton. Its button down design at the front makes the dress changing time hasslefree. And the lace at the edge of the dress adds a cuteness to the look.  

Zipper Footies

Converter Gowns

The stretchy and soft fabric is an absolute treat for your baby’s soft skin. Zipper footies leave them feeling cozy and comfortable all day and night. The neck to the ankle zipper is the stay-in-place fit that is easy for dressing and aids hassle-free diaper changes. The thoughtfully designed long-sleeved stretchy footie, in addition to being perfect for, granting maximum comfort, care, and cuteness.

Converter Gowns

Converter Gowns

Picked from the list of one of the most wonderful items, it’s no wonder that converter gowns make your parenting life much easier. With a quick change of the snaps, the converter is a playsuit for playtime. Change the snaps again, and it’s back to a gown for sleepy time. From playtime to bedtime and back again, converter gowns signify a transition that delivers versatility at its finest. The convertible gowns are made with sumptuously soft and stretchy fabrics and are the perfect going-home gifts for the newborn.

Cherish Those Early Moments of the Newborn’s Arrival

You should prepare these baby-going home outfits ahead of time to focus more on cherishing the beautiful moments of the newborn’s arrival. Focusing more on the outfit essentials in the early days lets you understand that the newborn could often be a bit grumpy, and getting to dress them in those initial days could prove tricky. Cuteness, comfort, and greater accessibility are the factors that play a key role in keeping the process simple. Adhere to the baby going home outfit basics, and stay prepared!

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